7 Ways To Purify Your Indoor Air

Indoor Plants

They act as a biofilter that helps reduce indoor air pollution. Such as spider plans, snake plant, dracaena, aloe vera and bamboo palm.


Increase Ventilation

When the sky looks clear and bright, opening your windows and doors at 8 am to 11 am helps improve air circulation allows sunlight into the room. This old technique can help eliminate mold and kill bacteria, including virus.


Use LED Lights

Incandescent lamps convert about 90 percent of energy into heat, and only 10 percent makes visible light. Using LED lights will not only make you care for the environment but also contributes to more comfortable room temperature and reduce energy bills.


Natural Cleaning

Common cleaning agents contain chemicals that creates pollution in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) form. Going back to nature, these cooking ingredients can actually be used for cleaning! White vinegar to clean floors, salt to shed oil and fat from the oven, lemons to clean furniture surfaces, even baking sodas are known to clean the stains on clothes.


Turn On Your Exhaust

Stove exhaust has many benefits. In addition to removing carbon monoxide from cooking activities, chemical compounds produced from cooking equipment can be filtered and evaporated out of the house and reduce the saturated fumes in our kitchen.


Minimize Carpets

Some types of carpets can easily absorb organic compounds that contain a chemical called fluorinated (PFASs), which is toxic for the environment. If you do love carpets in your home, be sure to have them vacuum at least once a week.


Air Filtration Technology

Advanced technologies allow homeowners have their own indoor air filtration. But the best ones, are filtering even the smallest invisible particles, while dehumidifies it from the polluted, humid and hot air outside ; circulating nothing but fresh and clean air inside your home. This High Indoor Air Quality technology is available in Indonesia. Click here to find out more about FARPOINT’s latest premium development and the benefits to investing in a luxury and healthy apartment.