Top 5 Pilates Studio in Jakarta

It’s no secret that we love trying out new work outs. From barre to spin class and yoga, we’re always looking for new classes to vamp up our exercise routine. But we’ve found that there really is no other workout like Pilates that will sculpt and tone your body into its best shape yet!Jakarta has a ton of studios where you can reevaluate your fitness.

We chat with Rani Panggabean from Pilates ID, one raising Pilates instructor in Jakarta, about her recommended spots for Pilates in town. Rani has been doing Pilates for 15 years. She is a success story of how Pilates has changed her life to a better, healthier one. For Rani, a studio with complete equipment is as important as the instructor itself. A studio that have more equipment offers more varied classes, which will be more helpful to achieve one’s needs. Secondary, location is one aspect that we can’t overlook. If you have to drive across town through traffic just to attend a one hour class, you’re less likely to attend on a regular basis. So it is handy to find a studio that is located in the city centre, next to your everyday routines.

Wondering where to do pilates in Jakarta? Check out Rani’s recommended places to sculpt a new-and-improved you.

1. Pilates ID

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Located in Panglima Polim, Pilates ID studio is clean, spacious, and stocked with the newest reformer. Rani will set up individualised programs that are customised to suit your needs and paced to your abilities. Private and small group classes are available to ensure that you receive close supervision and achieve the best benefits and results. In addition, Pilates ID also provide treatment that can help you recover from troublesome injuries through gentle movement. This studio is not only a place to tone up your body, but also as a place where you can spend your me-time while having a strong connection with your body and mind through the sessions.

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2. Vitruvian Studio

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Established in 2003, this modern fitness studio is fully equipped and even boasts an indoor swimming pool. When it comes to classes there are the usual group offerings in mat and reformer styles, plus private and semiprivate sessions, all lead by highly trained and knowledgeable instructors. They also offer ZEN•GA™, Total Barre™, CORE™, GYROTONIC®, REDCORD Active, and Fascial Fitness classes. Vitruvian can be considered as the first Pilates studio in Jakarta with its bright, elegant design and professional instructors.


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3. Aalaya Pilates

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Aalaya Pilates is one of the city’s newcomers, having recently set up shop in Plaza Senayan Arcadia, South Jakarta. The luxe boutique studio offers a range of classes from small group mat-based pilates to private instruction using Balanced Body equipment. At Aalaya you can find special classes such as post and pre-natal class and Pilates for golfers. A lot of positive reviews come from people who had a session at Aalaya Pilates. They said the attentive, helpful instructors really give additional experience to their visit.


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4. POP Pilates Method Studio

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If you live around West Jakarta, might as well you should try a workout session at this studio. POP stands for ‘Perfecting our Postures’. Having a correct posture will eliminate and prevent muscle pains in various parts of our body as we gradually age. POP aims to educate and share the many benefits of Pilates to the community through excellence teaching and quality. In this studio they work towards perfecting your posture with an energetic mix of Pilates, yoga, and dance. The studio’s conditioning series can help those who want quick results, while its therapy series can also help alleviate back and shoulder pain.


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5. Pilates studio at Verde Two

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You may not have heard about this studio, simply it is not ready to operate this year. But rejoice, we’re about to witness a pilates studio with the most complete equipment, and the best yet, it is located in Jakarta’s central business district. The studio will be located in the Health Club at Verde Two, one of the highly-anticipated luxury apartment in Kuningan CBD. There will be classes with professional instructors and you will find state-of-the-art equipment from USA, including the latest pilates reformers. For you who seek more than just Pilates studio, a quiet respite zen-inpsired spa will soothe your aching body with the magic fingers of specially trained therapist after your workout sessions. Verde Two Apartment and its exclusive Pilates studio will operate in 2019.


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About Rani Panggabean

This mother of two first started Pilates in 2003, her passion for Pilates grows ever since. It simply connects her mind and her muscles through different movements that keep challenges herself to be better (and also helped her to lose 12 kilos through the journey). She categorized herself as a “not-your-typical-instructor”, she is more of someone who found an exercise and movement method that she’s passionate about, so passionate in fact that she wanted to share it with others. Returned from Hong Kong to Jakarta in 2013, she started teaching in a small space at her home before relocating to Panglima Polim as you might know as Pilates ID nowadays.

“If you are interested in Pilates but too nervous to try it because you feel a bit intimidated by the machines or close one-on-one session with the instructor, please don’t! If it sounds interesting, try it!” – Rani Panggabean