The Five Features to Look For in Your Jakarta Luxury Apartment

August 4, 2021

Being in the market for a high-end apartment means that you’d expect luxury in every aspect of your future residence. From a prime location to the perfect floor plan, you deserve to be entirely satisfied with the levels of luxury throughout all facets of your dream home.

But what are the most prestigious features of a high-end apartment that you can’t miss? In this article, we have listed the following must-have luxurious features that are only available in the best residential apartments in Jakarta.


1. A fabulous location

The first step in finding your best high-class apartment to rent in Jakarta is to narrow down your search to those locations that are truly fabulous. Whether you are Indonesian or an expatriate, sumptuous living can only be fully embraced when your luxury apartment is set in Jakarta’s most prominent locations, surrounded by the most sophisticated lifestyle facilities.

The city has plenty of excellent apartments, both one-floor and two-floor luxury apartments, that offer you the opportunity to become one of the opulent tenants of luxury high-rise apartment buildings known as landmarks of the most fashionable neighborhoods! This irreplaceable feature is one of the essential aspects to achieve the ultimate high-end living experience.

2. The splendors of space

When you’re ready to spend a generous amount of money to rent a luxury apartment in Jakarta, of course, you’d expect to find an expansive apartment with a desirable floor plan and elevated ceilings, and an abundance of natural light entering through oversized windows overlooking the skyline of the city.

From an open-plan kitchen, a spacious living area, a generously appointed master bedroom to walk-in closets and elegant en-suite bathrooms, living in a high-class apartment should offer you the splendors of indulging in all the extra room for your comfort.

Furthermore, luxury apartment living at the highest level is when your apartment comes with a private lift that opens into the privacy of your home. This elegant and highly exclusive feature is offered in the most impressive apartments for rent in Jakarta, for example, the meticulously designed living spaces presented by Verde Two in South Jakarta.


3. First-rate appliances and amenities

One of the main reasons for someone to opt for renting or buying the best residential apartment in Jakarta is, without doubt, to ensure that they benefit from first-rate appliances and amenities.

Luxury is not merely about high-class architecture or stylish interior design. It is equally about being presented with the advantages of the comfort only offered by first-rate appliances and amenities.

From the state-of-the-art open kitchen to highly modern bathrooms boasting a feel-good atmosphere, every detail of a truly luxurious apartment is designed to create the perfect balance between utmost style and comfort.

Other amenities that deserve highlights are the exceptional contemporary swimming pools, lush green outdoor spaces, excellent gyms, saunas, and other five-star amenities, designed to elevate your modern luxury and wellness lifestyle splendidly. Make sure to pay extra attention to those features before making your choice!


4. A high-quality establishment all around 

As luxury is not only about looking glamorous from a distance, even with an excellent architectural style and exquisite interior design, the best levels of luxury can only be presented through first-rate build quality. That means that all details exhibited throughout the entire building are carefully crafted using the best materials.

Jakarta offers a wide selection of excellent luxury apartments for rent presenting fine craftsmanship through breathtaking apartment buildings boasting high-quality materials.

For example, Verde Two offers high-class apartment units for rent in Jakarta featuring double-glazed windows, imported marble flooring in the living area, and excellent wood flooring in the bedrooms.

Every touch of luxury matters. Thus, while you’re looking for the best apartment, make sure to observe all details!


5. Healthy Indoor Air Quality 

While health should not be considered a luxury, the reality is that not all apartments can provide you with good indoor air quality, which is highly important for your health and comfort. With Jakarta’s air pollution, you must at least be sure that you breathe clean air when you’re at home.

Luxury apartments implement systems to ensure healthy air quality to provide the best indoor air quality for tenants. However, Verde Two is the first apartment building in Jakarta that implements an advanced technology for its AC System with Double Layered Efficient Filtration that provides healthier air inside the unit and minimizes exposure to fine particles, or particles of 2.5 microns or less in diameter, up to 99%.

At the same time, this system also efficiently prevents condensation and molds in your apartment, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Monteverde living room

Keeping in mind the above five features, we hope you find an excellent luxury apartment in Jakarta that you can soon call your home!