Tips for Choosing the Best Pet-Friendly Apartment in Jakarta

June 8, 2021

If you have ever been on an apartment search mission in Jakarta, you must already know that finding an apartment that ticks all the criteria on your list is not easy. So, you can imagine that finding and choosing a pet-friendly apartment that suits your needs and desires certainly has a series of challenges due to even more diverse considerations!

When choosing a pet-friendly apartment, you have to make sure that the apartment of your choice can meet the needs and comfort of both you and your pet for the long term. So, here are some things to pay attention to so you don’t choose the wrong pet-friendly apartment!


1. Still, ‘Location, Location, Location’!

When choosing a pet-friendly apartment, the emphasis on the importance of location remains very relevant! If you have a dog, you need to make sure that the location of the pet-friendly apartment you choose makes it easy for you to take your dog out in an open area that is large enough, safe and friendly for them.

Now, looking for a location like this in Jakarta does require extra effort. However, you can still find ideal options such as Verde Two which offers pet-friendly apartments and provides a jogging track as well as large, green open spaces that are sure to please your dog! In Verde Two, you can invite your dog to play outside without leaving the apartment environment.

Then, if you have cats, hamsters, iguanas, or other animals that don’t need to be outdoors, then you just need to make sure that the apartment location you choose is relatively close to the vet, making it easier in case of an emergency.

And considering that Verde Two is in a strategic location in the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, you will not be short of pet shop options, animal clinics, pet hotels, pet trainers, and pet play date locations, without having to take a long journey in the middle of Jakarta’s traffic jams.



2. Choose an apartment unit that is on a low floor!

If you have a dog, of course one of your routines is to invite him to play outside, right? So, by choosing an apartment on a low floor, you don’t have to spend a long time in the elevator every time you ask her to go out to play.

Furthermore, to choose the right floor, you also need to consider your dog’s behavior when in the elevator. If at this time he still tends to feel scared and anxious, you should choose the unit on the lowest floor. So, while your dog hasn’t been trained to calm down in the lift, you’ve at least chosen the best option for the comfort of you, the baby and the rest of the house!



Then, even though pets other than dogs don’t need to come out of the apartment often, as a pet parent you should still choose an apartment on a lower floor. That way, if your pet needs to visit the vet or get grooming, he doesn’t need to feel stressed about being in the elevator for what feels like a long time to him.


3. Make sure the pet-friendliness of the apartment unit before renting or even buying it!

Even though an apartment is declared pet-friendly, don’t forget to pay attention to the layout and size of the apartment unit before you rent or even buy it.

Whether it is the position of the food container, the cat’s litter box, the baby’s play corner, even where she will sleep, all of these are factors that can help you assess the pet-friendliness of an apartment based on your standards as a pet parent.

An example of a pet-friendly apartment in Jakarta that can meet even the most painstaking pet parent standards is the apartment unit offered by Verde Two, which has a large size and minimalist layout, which makes it the right choice for five-star living with pets.



4. Choose an apartment that accepts your pet with pleasure!

As a pet parent, you should be able to distinguish between a pets allowed residence that allows pets, and a pet-friendly residence that actually accepts your pet as part of the resident family.

To differentiate between the two, you can find out in advance about the official regulations imposed by the management of an apartment building. By knowing the written rules clearly, you can avoid problems later on.

Now, considering the above, you should also choose an apartment that is designed with the aim of fulfilling all aspects of a balanced modern lifestyle, including for pet parents.

In Jakarta, you can also find exclusive facilities for this lifestyle at Verde Two, where a pet-friendly apartment means that your pet is accepted as a member of your family and therefore its comfort is taken into account.


So, armed with the tips above, are you ready to hunt for a pet-friendly apartment in Jakarta? Happy searching and choosing!